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Sync Spot is now Propeller Studios! Propeller Studios is the coming together of two well established Calgary companies, Sync Spot Digital Audio Post and Twisted PairSound Calgary, who have joined forces to create the definitive choice for quality audio production. Check us out here.
Dramatic Features, TV Movies & Episodic

“Merry In-Laws” Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2012
“Hannah’s Law” Hallmark Network/Nomadic Pictures 2012
“The In-Between” (Pilot) Combustion 2011
“Hell On Wheels” (Season 1) AMC Network/Nomadic Pictures 2011
“Dear Santa” Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2011
“Burlesque Assassins” Joe Media/Jonathan Joffe Productions 2011
“Hell On Wheels” (Pilot) AMC Network/Nomadic Pictures 2010
“The Truth Below” MTV Network/Nomadic Pictures 2010
“A Legend of Whitey” ALOW Productions/Illusions Entertainment 2010
“Last Rites of Ransom Pride” Horse Thief Productions/Nomadic Pictures 2009
“45 RPM”
Nomadic Pictures/Don Carmody Productions 2008
“Confessions of a Go Go Dancer”
Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2008
“Freezer Burn”
Panacea Entertainment 2008
“Daughter of the Bride”
Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2008
“The Other Woman”
Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2008
“Secret of the Nutcracker”
CBC/Joe Media 2007
“Walk All Over Me”
Chaos a Film Company 2007
“Hush Little Baby”
Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2007
“Christmas Miracle”
Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2007
“Don’t Cry Now”
Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2007
“I Dream Of Murder”
Lifetime Network/Nomadic Pictures 2006
“The English Teacher”
Anthony Entertainment 2005
“Undercover Christmas”
CBS/Jaffe Braunstein/Voice Pictures 2004
“It Must Be Love”
CBS/Jaffe Braunstein/Voice Pictures 2003
“The Clinic”
Muse Entertainment/Voice Pictures 2003
“Cover Story”
Aladdin Entertainment 2002
“Turning Paige”
Chaos A Film Co. 2001
“White Lies”
World International Pictures 2001
Nomadic Pictures 1997
Bluestone Pictures 1997
“American Beer”
Midnight Hwy Film Co. 1996
Burns Films 1996
Dramatic Shorts & Others

“I Liked You Better Before” Michal Lavi 2010
“Bunny Hug” Combustion 2010
“A Tax on Pochsy” Pochsy Productions 2009
“Arithmetic” Michal Lavi 2009
“The Well” Parker Wells 2009
“Sorry Girl” Twinsletown Productions 2008
“Travel Alberta” Joe Media 2008
“Rock Sparkle” Road Pictures 2008
“Promise” Commotion Media 2008
“Cobra Lee” Joffe Productions 2008
“Frank Slide Interpretive Centre” McCloskey Productions 2008
“Pochsy: An Industrial Film” Pochsy Productions 2007
“Insomniac” Richard Kenyon 2007
“2 Spirited” NFB 2007
“Heartbeats of Denali” McCloskey Productions 2006
“The Riders” Road Pictures 2006
TV, Documentary & Performance

"Tipping Point" (Feature Doc) Clearwater Documentary 2011
"Build It Forward" (Series) Corkscrew Media 2011
"The Hook Up" (Series) APTN/Joe Media 2011
“Out of Country”
(Series) Corkscrew Media 2010
“Young Masters: World Skills” Punamarts 2010
“Divine Life” (Series) Corkscrew Media 2007-2010
“Tasered” CBC/Joe Media 2010
“Fish Out of Water” (Series) APTN/Joe Media 2007-2010
“Nations Cup” Spruce Meadows TV 2009
“Our Country” CMT/Corkscrew Media 2009
“2009 Gemini Awards” Joe Media 2009
“Terri Clarke: Live at Cedar Creek” CMT/Corkscrew Media 2009
“It’s Just Food” (Series) Corkscrew Media 2008-2009
“Hollywood & Vines” (Series) Televino Productions 2009
“Battle For The Arctic” CBC/Joe Media 2008
“Brothel Justice” Dominique Keller 2008
“Hunting the Predator” CBC/Joe Media 2007
“Fiddle And Drum-Joni Mitchell” CBC/Joe Media 2007
“24 Days in Brooks” NFB 2007
“Dream Chasers” (Series) Corkscrew Media 2007
“Battle For Baghdad” CBC/Joe Media 2007
“Jully Black” Much Music/White Iron 2006
“Afghanistan” Arthur Kent 2006
“Fixing Dinner” (Series) Food Net Canada/Joe Media 2004-2006
“Pay Dirt” Pay Dirt Pictures/HDTV 2005
“Keshia Chante: Music Special" Much Music/White Iron 2005
“Horse Diaries” (Series) Spruce Meadows Television 2001-2005
“Embryo Adoption” Discovery Health/Joe Media 2005
“Heartbeats of Denali” McCloskey Productions 2005
“Canada’s Haunted Road” Zoom/Outdoor Life Network 2005
“Canadian Derby” White Iron 2004-2005
“Viva Bengali” Earth to Sky Pictures/Sonic Films 2003
“Pieces Of A Dream” NFB/Fortune Films 2003